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Is your funnel not performing as you hoped it would? We may have some bad news for you. Not many website owners know this but multiple variables need to be aligned with one another in order to realize a fully-optimized flow of conversion within a funnel. If you do not fully understand the said variables, it is highly likely that your funnel is not optimized and hence, it is not performing as you’d have expected it to.
So that’s for the bad news. In other good news, however, we at REIN Digital understand the variables very well and can optimize them for you so it delivers the right information, at the right time- just as you’d like it to!

What is a Website Funnel?

In a very basic, simple, layman language, a funnel is a series of steps a website visitor takes to reach an ultimate outcome. A funnel can be looked at as a way to conversion since a funnel directs the user to the product- while building awareness and around and about the product. 

Website funnels can also, on the other hand, be used to gauge visitor behavior and to understand how visitors navigate through your website. When you identify and learn the consumer behavior on your website, you’ll know exactly where and when the user interacts or drops out of the page. This, in turn, helps build a better user experience, retaining potential customers and perhaps, impressing the potential to convert them into actual buyers.

An insightful understanding of consumer behavior can also, in fact, help create effective, highly-targeted marketing campaigns to attract qualified leads into your funnels.

Leverage Personalization

Leverage Personalization

How can we help?

When it comes to website funneling, the first and the most important thing to understand is that one size does not fit all here. Varied websites have varied funnel requirements and when analyzing your funnel performance, you need to first make sure that you are using an appropriate funnel for your site. 

Funnels can not only be used to make any type of sales but also in order to generate quality secondary conversions that translate to primary conversions. At REIN Digital, we understand the varied funnel needs of organizational and expertise in website funnels across categories.


Marketing Funnel

A marketing funnel, traditionally also referred to as a sales funnel, is a funnel that attracts users through a marketing campaign. We help create marketing funnels, backed by data analytics, so vast and effective that you can pinpoint exactly where your audience comes from.
We build kickass purpose-driven landing pages that not only reflect what brought the user on to your site in the first place but in fact, help your visitors transition to the next step of an optimized sales funnel.

Purchase Funnel

A purchase funnel or an e-commerce funnel is a typical funnel found on online shopping sites. A potential customer visits the website> views the products> adds a product to the shopping cart? Makes the payment and checks out.

So how do we help your purchase funnel run more effectively than others? While a customer is on your e-commerce page, it should be understood that they will do a lot of simultaneous tasks in between making their purchase. And so, in order to grab their attention, to not let them get distracted, and to retain them until the product is actually bought, we help to add data-supported upsell funnels that boost your conversion rates overnight!


Membership Funnel

Are you in the membership-oriented business space? Perhaps, the SaaS industry? As a business operating in such a cut-throat space, the focus should not only be on creating membership offerings but instead, offering the free trials on the highest exit page.
We not only help you identify the ‘sweet spot’ to place your membership funnel at but also help create crisp funnels with minimal fields that help customers take the conversion decision for themselves.

Webinar Funnel

Webinars., especially since the onset of 2019, have only gained increasing popularity day on day. Not only have people released the time 0 effectiveness of hosting a webinar but also the vast possibilities thereof. Would you not want to make the most of a webinar funnel that converts your potential customers to actual, paying customers?

Break the monotony of a generic, traditional webinar funnel that flows as- landing page > sign up > webinar presentation > conversion. We help you create effective webinar funnels that stir a sense of urgency in your visitors and make them want to sign up for your webinar ‘now.’


Hero Funnel

As the owner of a website, you also ought to be the hero of the website and so, a hero funnel is all about ‘you.’ Unlike a generic hero funnel page, we help you build groundbreaking hero funnels with links embedded in the email that doesn’t ‘ask’ your visitors to follow you, but instead, ‘convince’ them to follow you just for what you are!

Home Page Funnel

Home page funnels, to put it in one sentence, can be your deal maker or breaker. We help you create the most accurate, well-defined, and structured home page with minimal funnels that direct the users to the product page instead of distracting them with unnecessary pop-ups.

Storefront Funnel

If you are an e-commerce site owner, you’d know the value of a storefront funnel already. A storefront funnel can be referred to as a window-shopping funnel for online sites; consumers come and explore all possible products in one place, not necessarily with the intention of buying a product.
With the help of an optimally targeted storefront funnel, however, you can actually move the user into the product funnel. We help you create storefront funnels with high-quality product photos that drive the consumers to the most popular and highest value products. From a window-shopper to an actual shopper- just like that!

Bridge Funnel

A bridge funnel connects two ideas or two offers from different places at one platform, making the said funnel particularly efficient for affiliate marketers who do not have a lot of control over the next phase of the web pages.
By building you an insightful bridge funnel, our focus remains on bridging the user knowledge gap from the actuals to where it should be for them to convert to paying users.

Squeeze Page Funnel

Look at a squeeze page funnel like a lead generating funnel: it brings to you the user email addresses. But how do you do it without annoying the user with irrelevant popups and distractions?
We help you create neat and tidy, to-the-point, highly converting squeeze funnel pages with minimal distractions- nothing more than a simple prompt to enter their email address.
Un-optimized website funnels are as good as no funnels because they will not only fail your expectations but will also, in fact, exhaust a lot of your money, time and efforts.

At REIN, we help you optimize your funnels while we understand your conversion goals and with a data analytics platform for a granular level of visibility. Not only do these data-oriented techniques reduce bounce rates but also help set pragmatic, measurable, and quantifiable goals for funnels that convert!

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1. How does data analytics platforms help funnels perform better?

Unlike brick and mortar stores, websites have an upper hand in terms of the user data they can capture. By gathering user-behavior-oriented data day in and out, one can analyze exactly what a potential customer does or does not before converting to an actual consumer. While Google Analytics is a great tool to help create basic funnels, a marketing agency like ours helps understand the exhaustive analysis and A/B testing for optimal website performance. Once you have an understanding of the analysis, it becomes easy to measure your analysis against the goals to create funnels that actually convert!

2. What is an auto webinar funnel?

For website owners that want to create a non-traditional webinar funnel or want to go a step beyond, an auto webinar funnel can be used to post a downloadable recorded funnel for leads to view on-demand. This not only saves the website owner time but also gives them the ability to show something to their consumers when they don’t have the ability to host regular webinars.

3. What should a good sales funnel look like?

A ‘good’ sales funnel can be defined as a neatly designed, optimally executed funnel following four core stages: awareness, interest, decision, and action. A good funnel, at the very base, helps businesses convert ‘just’ leads into ‘actual’ paying consumers

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