Top 14 Ideas To Create Engagement Posts For Social Media

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Top 14 Ideas To Create Engagement Posts For Social Media

Engagement Posts For Social Media

There can be times when you want to post something on your social media channels but you are confused as to what to post. We all know one needs to post something that has the ‘viral’ feel to it but how does one really build engagement posts? We’re here to help!

Having a social media calendar can be quite hectic, as you have to post something unique every single day. So, here are some interesting social media engagement post ideas that can help you in your creative flow. Whether you want to increase your social media reach or just want more people to like the updates and comment on them, these social media engagement post ideas will definitely come in handy.

Let’s get started!

1. Question-Oriented Posts

Question-Oriented Posts

Questions can instantly trigger an engagement. When people see a question, they feel an instant impulse to pause and find an answer to that question. Hence, asking different types of questions on your social media feeds may help gain some impressions and account interactions.

You may use tools like Text Optimizer with the help of which you can find niche questions, and make use of semantic research for extracting concepts that are underlying behind every search query!

2. Visual Quote Posts

Adding aesthetic words to aesthetic images can be an easy and excellent way to create various beautiful social media engagement posts to inspire, motivate and engage people.

If at all you have a connection to the person whose quote you are using, you may even tag that person in the social media update for collaboration/ cross-promotion purposes.

If you work further on this idea, you may reuse the words of the customers inside of the image too, and publicize in this way:

  • A kind of visual review
  • Any visual testimonial

Tools like Snappa, Canva, as well as other image editors available online can make this process where you create visual quotes and post them on your social media platforms pretty easy.

If you want to take utmost advantage of Canvas integration and create excellent blog posts, you may use Agorapulse too. This will help you to increase engagement with your target audience through your images and blog posts.

3. Video Posts

Video Posts

Another easy and well-known way to increase engagement is by using videos. A well-known theory to let people engage with your posts is by uploading videos rather than sharing a link in your social media channels. This will lead your target audience to get into your feed and increase viewership, resulting in an organic engagement.

From customer testimonials to funny ads, any video is good to go, as long as it is relevant to your domain. A couple of other things you could do for maximum video engagement are-

  • Always remember to add subtitles to the video (this is to ensure that the social media content is clear without sound).
  • The videos must be short but should tell stories. When a social media user scrolls through the posts the videos play automatically, so the first few seconds of the video must be interesting so that it retains audience engagement.

Various tools such as inVideo and can be used to create excellent visuals which can be a great way to increase followers and audience engagement. 

4. Domain-Relevant Screenshot Posts

There are various ways to engage the audience and customers, one of the primary ways to do so is by posting screenshots. You may upload screenshots on trending topics that may be relevant to the customers. Make sure these screenshots tell stories, which may lead to likes and comments from the users.

When you post such images people love them hence posting such content can engage customers to your posts.

5. Carousel Posts

Carousel Posts

Creating carousels is something that can be used for LinkedIn as well as other social media platforms. carousels are types of posts that often grab the interest of the followers and audience and can be a great way to engage customers. Make sure that the post covers relevant topics related to marketing ideas, news, images, or some tips along with photos.

These carousels can also have behind the scenes of any post, which can be really fun, you may also include contests and giveaways to boost engagement.

Carousels are said to increase viewers and the number of clicks on your post which can drive audience and followers to your social media content and feed. Venngage is a tool that provides various templates that can give you ideas to create interesting carousels.

6. Poll Posts

Polls can be an easy and interesting way to increase followers because it triggers the audience and boosts engagement with the post. You can ask them about the topic for your blog posts, business, or anything that is related to your social media content and liked by the users.

Polls may work differently for different platforms, so what may work for Instagram may not be best for Facebook posts. It is important to mindfully and carefully decide the type of content you want to use for the particular platform in question.



You may create Facebook polls in a group, on any Facebook page, or inside the Facebook story. You may even use a GIF to fill the poll. However, you can add just two options for the audience to choose from.



When it comes to Twitter, it features a multiple-choice poll that will stay for a maximum of seven days. Post seven days, the followers and audience won’t be able to vote but they can always see the results. For this platform, all you need to keep in mind is staying within the character limit of Twitter.



Instagram is a great social media platform to post polls and increase audience engagement. You may post polls on your stories with photos or videos, this has only two options.



Due to some reason, LinkedIn does not allow the posting of native polls, however, you may still add polls with the help of a third party.

Even for social media channels like Instagram, Facebook to Twitter you may use tools like survey makers or third-party polls for creating interesting polls, and collecting results.

Creating polls are easy and are an interactive way to ask questions regarding your company, blog posts, and content. It is a fun thing for the followers too as they don’t have to spare much time on the post and also feel that they are important to you.

7. Cross-Platform Posts

If you share the link of your social media feed, like a Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter post, it can be helpful in generating some clicks on your website too. But do not overdo this. Links are not quite popular on social media channels as these links can interrupt the experience of the user, this may let them off the social media platform.

However, posting a link to your feed once in a while on social media channels is fine.

8. Posts About Trending Topics

Posts About Trending Topics

If you want user engagement you have to keep a track of various trending topics, post photos on those topics, talk about your opinion and ideas on the page. Posting on such trending topics can boost clicks on your blog page and website too.

Avoid indulging or posting on political topics, unless and until you really want your users to pick a side, however, you can speak about such topics if those are on news or you feel it’s relevant.

9. Repost Updates

If you ever come across a funny post relevant to your domain, it may be a good idea to retweet or reshare it as such posts help boost your content and drive in some comments too. You would of course want your content to be 100% yours, but if you see a post that is relevant, or contains tips, news, or photos that customers may like, go ahead and share it – but always provide the credits.

This may be a great way to share more videos on your social media page too and create a connection with the original creator.

Resharing videos or posts of other creators is a great way through which you can build a relationship with other influencers who may belong to your field or area. You may try influencer marketing platforms that can make your work easy.

10. Use Of Hashtags And Emojis

Use Of Hashtags And Emojis

Hashtags are the new thing, and there is one hashtag for every day, so use them. Posting these hashtags with your photos or any video can put some diversity to your social media feed and increase engagement too. Hashtags are really popular on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, using relevant hashtags can also increase the reach of your posts on the social media platform.

Popular Hashtags

Some popular hashtags that you can use on your Facebook page, Instagram post, or Twitter posts are:

  • #MondayMotivation: You can post inspirational photos, ideas, or tips on your feeds.
  • #TechTuesday: Share some technical ideas or tips. You may use #TipTuesday for making the post more fun for the customer.
  • #WellnessWednesday: Content related to fitness and health is loved by all. So share your ideas on wellbeing and health.
  • #ThrowbackThursday: Popularly known as #TBT, can be used to share some of your old Facebook posts.
  • #FollowFriday: If you want to increase engagement use the #FF tag and share the names of some people you recommend to follow.
  • #ShoutoutSaturday: Give a big shout out to any small business, a customer, a fellow content creator, or a company.
  • #SundayReads: Share a list of links to other content, ideas, and posts that you recommend everyone to read.

These hashtags were generally used in Twitter, but now you may use them for your Facebook posts as well as Instagram. As these are a great way to build engagement on your social media channels.

Emoji-Driven Posts

We all use emojis while texting, to express our emotions and in captions too, but in 2021, it’s time to begin thinking about emoji marketing!

Emojis can be a good way to share your photos, ideas, or posts on social media, using the appropriate emojis can be quite useful for your content. For example, there might be times when you just cannot think of a caption, in that case, you can simply use an emoji which the customer can understand too.

11. BTS: “Behind The Scenes” Posts


When you share the behind-the-scenes videos and photos of your industry or company, it instantly creates an engagement with the audience as they find the content relatable and empathize with the brand.

For example, if there is anything going around in your business or the company turns it into social media content, post it on Facebook or Instagram and let the people get an idea of what is going on.

12. Milestones Of The Brand & Customer Oriented Posts

It can be the anniversary of the brand or your brand may have reached 1ok followers, share every bit of your success with your audience. When you share the milestones with the followers, the community becomes a part of your celebration and they feel important. Always remember your followers make you and you must make them feel a part of your journey.

Reposting a positive consumer review, with due prior permission from the users is another great idea to drive engagement not only to your social media account but also to your brand as a whole.

When you share a comment or a message received by any customer, they feel important and this helps in building a relationship between the brand and the customers, boosting brand loyalty. These people may even recommend your industry to others which may drive in more people to consume your content.

13. Meme Posts & Animated GIFs

Meme Posts & Animated GIFs posts

Some may love them, some may hate them, but let us face this, we all pause for a second before scrolling past them! Memes can be quite helpful in building content on your page. You may use Tumblr to create interactive and interesting memes for your social media content.

People are a bit skeptical about GIFs, but we cannot deny the fact that these are pretty interactive, which is why the idea of GIFs is being supported by Pinterest and Facebook too.

You may repost a GIF from other feeds or even share a GIF created by you, which is easier than you think. There are various tools and tutorials from where you can learn to create a GIF out of a video.

14. Rants & Contests

This could be a not-so-popular opinion, but rants can actually bring in a lot of followers and trigger engagement. You can post ranting videos – albeit valid-  on your social media feed, because people love this type of content, and actively participate to share their own experiences, so you can get a lot of comments too.

If taking this risky route, always remember that you would want your rant videos to be relatable to the people and hence, avoid talking about political issues.

Let your followers participate in some brainstorming sessions, so once in a while conduct a captions contest. For example, you may post a photo on Facebook or Instagram and ask people to suggest an appropriate caption for the post, this can boost your engagement with the followers.

Apart from engagement boost, such fun contests can actually help you in creating content for your posts in the future, at the same time when you use these captions the person who suggested it will also feel important.


Now you are aware of the variety of social media engagement posts, and you can try them too with the help of some tools that have been mentioned. There is no rule that you need to try and stick to a particular type of post. You can use a poll for an image, or ask questions for a Facebook post, use a carousel for behind-the-scenes, or use GIFs to repost old videos. You may post anything that you want to, as it is your social media channel and you know your audience the best.

FAQs Related To Engagement Posts For Social Media

1. What are the types of posts that boost social media engagement?

If you want to create an impulse in the audience you may use question posts or poll posts. These may trigger the audience and can increase your growth. You may try questions related to the latest trends or news which the audience finds interesting.

2. Are videos an effective way to trigger an audience?

Uploading videos can be a great way to engage your audience. Videos can also help the audience to go to your feed, you can post a video or a snippet of the video and provide the link of your social media channel.

3. What are the easiest ways to post engaging content?

Memes can be pretty helpful as they are trending and engaging, if at some point you lack content you may simply post a meme that is funny. You can also add GIFs because they are pretty interactive in nature.

4. What types of posts are best for Facebook?

You can create Facebook polls in groups on Facebook pages or just post Facebook stories. GIFs can also be a great tool to post polls. However, keep in mind that Facebook provides only two options for polls.

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