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Marketing has taken a new form over the course of evolution starting from newspapers and brochures, leading us all the way to Google and Social Media. With people spending more time on their screens, it is only practical to use digital marketing services and social media as a priority marketing platform.

By using our paid marketing services and strategies, you begin by boosting your leads to eventually dominate the web and convert your online viewership into paying customers. We make your website your asset and work to help your business achieve unparalleled growth through a combination of effective web marketing services.

Search Ads

With our services, avail yourself the luxury of having your ad placed right at the top of search engines and leap to convert your potential buyers into actual investors.

Display Ads

We find your targeted audience and then feed their browsers with live ads, helping you sell your product without looking too inorganic. It's a win-win!

Native Advertising

With seamless native advertising, we have your ad appear in the search pages of your audience, formatted and designed to look like a part of the page. Native advertising has become a huge success because it is not filtered by ad blockers and it is not ignored by users as it appears natural as compared to planted display ads.

Media Buying

Media websites are a huge market that people of all demographics visit; and what better place to advertise? We publish your ads on top sites for top conversions that maximize growth.

Social Media Advertising

Grow your business with competent campaigns and ads to appear on social media platforms. With ads on Facebook, TikTok, Quora, Pinterest, and Instagram, you make money with each mindless scroll through the feed.

Pay Per Click

With this fair-deal-mechanism, we help you publish your ads on websites of your choice - but you pay the publisher on the basis of the number of clicks on your ad on their host page.

Google Ads

If it's on google, it is everywhere! Have your ads on google's service offerings, product listings, video content, and within other google Google ad networks to expand to a huge database of web users.

Advertisement Remarketing

We strategize and repeatedly display the targeted ads on your audience's most used website for increased conversions.

Youtube Marketing

Develop a large viewership and proceeding subscribers with our videos that are curated to go viral!

Twitter Marketing

It is just 280 characters but with the right choice of words and hashtags, we take you to places in just that much!

Why Choose REIN Digital For Paid Marketing Services?

With our experience in the industry spent formulating strategies and campaigns for clients from various industry segments, we know what we are up to when you take your project. We have numbers and testimonies from our satisfied clients to prove our factual strength and capabilities!

We take pride in saying that our team comprises professionals who come with relevant experience in the business and continue to strive to become better each passing day. We custom-build SEO-driven strategies to make sure you actualize the value of each buck you spend in your relationship with us. We really are not happy unless you are!

While a lot of businesses promise to increase your traffic by various search engine optimization techniques and getting you to the top – we don’t leave you just there. Post achievement of your primary goal, we also help you further get on the top of all engines and keep actual conversions our end goal.

At REIN, we believe in maximum effective communication to set the right expectations with our clients but we also believe in transparency, hence allowing full upgrade/ cancellation of services in the event of underachieved results.

Our price models are free of any hidden costs and are priced to rightly match the needs of a project regardless of size or nature while ensuring value for money at each step. With our focus on 100 percent satisfaction of our customers, we assure maximized return on your investment, always willing to take it a step beyond!

As a team, we keep ourselves on our toes and frequently learn and unlearn to make the most of our skills and be on top of our game. Our work is always in line with Google’s algorithms, we are not worried to be beaten down by anything!


FAQ's on Paid Marketing Services

1. What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the process that uses the internet and other web-based technologies like computers, mobile phones, and other platforms for the optimized promotion of businesses. Digital marketing by REIN Digital can be looked at as one huge umbrella that encompasses the sum of a majority of the services offered by us. It covers almost everything that goes on with your business on the web, including SEO, Pay Per Click, Content Creation & Marketing, Email Marketing. Analytics & Conversion rate Optimisation and Social Media Marketing etc.

2. Why is using Digital Marketing Services necessary?

Digital marketing services are necessary because it bridges the gap and the distance between you and your potential buyers by using the power of the internet. Optimal exploitation of the possibilities that come with digital marketing, businesses - online or otherwise- can convert huge potential and drive massive sales. It is the one-stop solution for eye-to-eye engagement with the target audience.

3. How much does it cost to advertise on Twitter / Instagram / Facebook?

With millions of unregistered but active users on Twitter and Instagram and billions of those on Instagram / Facebook, Social Media Platforms are hot spots for reaching the potential buyer because you never know who is watching from what end. The pricing on all of these platforms varies majorly. While twitter charges differently for promoted tweets versus the promoted accounts or promoted trends, Facebook charges for likes, ads, and boosted posts. Get in touch with us to get a more elaborate rate scheme for promotion on each of the platforms amongst many more.

4. How can one reach users for free on Social Media?

Though paid ads work miraculously, it is essential to analyze your active strategies and ensure that you have not already exploited the unpaid services to the fullest. Begin with engaging with your audience on Social Media by offering as much information about your business and products as possible. Once you see relevant engagement and a ready audience, roll out your marketing material with the right set of keyword usage and reap benefits from your paid efforts.

5. I already appear on Google searches, why should I invest money in it?

While appearing organically on Google might be beneficial for your business as it already acts as the ultimate destination for your current buyers to engage with you, it is not enough to tackle the bigger fishes in the sea. Every rational customer reaches out to the internet today for due research before investing in one particular product/service. Advertising with Google Adwords opens a gateway for you to be a step closer with your potential customers when you appear on top of their searches on search engines. Advertising next to the relevant search results increases your visibility and increases returns.

6. Is email marketing still effective?

Emails might appear obsolete to look at but actually still remain stronger than any social media platforms as researched by McKinsey & Company. Emails being more private and personal, manage to hit the iron when hottest. When you communicate with your audience relentlessly in their mailboxes, you are bound to attract an eyeball sooner or later. More people have an email account as compared to those who are on any social media platform or even all of them combined. This alone is a clear indicator that Emails are not going out of fashion anytime soon. REIN Digital hits the sweet spot with E-Mail Marketing by reaching out but ensuring to not bombard the inboxes which can actually go against a business and mark their hard work as ‘spam.

7. Is digital branding the same as digital marketing?

Digital Branding is a part of digital marketing. Digital marketing offers an overall take on conversions/sales through techniques like online reputation management, business awareness generation, and user engagement. Digital branding, on the other hand, focuses only on creating awareness about your product/service and giving you a digital presence.

8. Will my website's traffic increase with Paid Marketing Services?

If your paid marketing material is professionally panned, there’s no reason for your traffic to not increase (if not boom!). All it takes is a few months of well-articulated and microscopically strategized campaigns; it's only uphill from there!

Our Strategized Approach For Exemplary Paid Marketing

Elaborate Targeted Keyword List Creation
Call Outs Geography Identification
Ad Copy Creation
Landing Page Creation
Performance Tracking & Improvements
Ad Copy to Landing Page Mapping
Extension Review
Conversion & Call Tracking
PPC Cost Management
Ad Quality Score Optimization

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