How To Use Instagram For Small Business

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How To Use Instagram For Small Business

How To Use Instagram For Small Business

Given its time and speed, in recent times, Instagram is known to be the new marketing frontier, especially using Instagram for small businesses, those who have the potential of attracting new customers.

As per records, in July 2019, this social media platform was ranked as #6 among the world’s most popular social networks, back then pulling in over 1 billion users worldwide, with more counting as you read. Its strong sense of visuals and upbeat vibe seems to be the focus of most potential customers in these present times, be it through reels, carousels, IGTV videos, stories, etc.

Why Instagram Marketing? – Instagram For Small Businesses!

The reason why Instagram has managed to take the throne with its large followership in 2021, as with other social networks, is its high count and dedicated/engaged followership with positioning oneself as a part of the online community.

This community is the target audience for any business that can become the future customer base of the brand.

Having said that, if you are a small business owner who is looking for answers as to – how to promote your business on Instagram, you’re in the right spot! We’ve rounded a quick list of the top 13 best Instagram tips for small business owners.

Let’s get straight into Instagram for small business tips, tricks, and more!

How To Use Instagram For Business – The Top 13 Best Marketing Tips In 2021

Here is a quick marketing guide that you can follow as a part of your social media marketing strategy:

1. Use an Instagram Business Account

Use an Instagram Business Account

First and foremost, you need to distinguish between knowing if your account must be a personal account or a business account. Ideally, speaking of a business, the Instagram account must be for as it allows you to view analytics, connect the account with the Facebook page, makes it easier for the followers to contact you, and also help you run paid advertisements for a better reach.

It will also help you establish your brand presence and strategize your business by implementing your Instagram marketing tips for the business.

(To know how to set up a business account, head over to the conclusion section below!)

2. Take Full Advantage of the Bio Section

As a part of your Instagram strategy, you must first take full advantage of your Instagram bio using all 150 characters to full potential. This space is crucial as it helps your Instagram followers understand the gist of your brand, giving them the sense of the page and help them decide if they wish to follow you back.

You can use this space with hashtags, call to action, links to your website, and contact details too.

3. Plan and Promote User Generated Content

Plan and Promote User Generated Content

Next, aside from the bio, user-generated content through Instagram posts helps you reach your target audience. Make sure to create your content pillars by planning, at least on a weekly basis, if not for several weeks at a time. 

4. Using Strategic Hashtags

By using hashtags when you post on Instagram, helps the Instagram post if not the Instagram profile to reach non-followers. According to research, using 7 or 30 hashtags per post in your Instagram feed is known to perform best, however, it varies depending on the number of followers.

A new add-on feature of Instagram allows you to see the number of people who were able to find your post through the hashtags, through which you can measure the effectiveness of hashtags in generating engagement.

Note – Repeating ourselves, do not underestimate the #Hashtag strategy on Instagram, be it the feed to Instagram stories, it is a powerful Instagram marketing tip for small businesses! Don’t forget to create your own branded hashtag on your Instagram content!

5. Line Breaks in Long Instagram Captions

Long captions are understood but do you really need to cramp the whole caption space? A big no!

It’s a healthy practice to type in long Instagram captions with line breaks. This makes it much easier for the customers to read the caption at one go and not play treasure hunt in that small space. The best way to create line breaks in your Instagram captions is through symbols in-between the lines.

6. Instagram Stories at its Best Use

Instagram Stories at its Best Use

Given the records, Instagram stories are making a huge splash in the business, the best tool to be used by small business Instagram pages for sure. These appear on the top of your followers’ Instagram account feeds, making them stand out and are a lot more dynamic as compared to the regular feed posts, featuring cool add-ons like stickers, sliders, emoticons, polls, etc!

You can also post multiple Stories in a day. Having said that, be cautious to not clutter the followers’ feed or you may end up being unfollowed.

7. Videos, Videos, Videos!

If you’ve mistaken or are using Instagram thinking of amplifying your business account with only stills, then you’re wrong. Instagram isn’t just for stills, in fact, videos such as reels and IGTV even of the ‘behind the scenes’ tend to reach more accounts as compared to stills. (not saying stills are of no use, they have their part to play too!)

Speaking of moving visuals through videos, they are fairly engaging, fun, and help gain more followers than otherwise. These vary from being clips as short as 15 seconds on your account up to 1 minute to 10 minutes in IGTV. Being a newbie, breaking influencer marketing through videos could be a smart move to take.

8. Avoid Missing Out On Direct Messages

Avoid Missing Out On Direct Messages

It is one to optimize your profile and another to engage with Instagram users. Direct messages are more intimate and personal as opposed to public discussions on posts. For small business owners, direct messages are the best place to build a better relationship with the customers on the Instagram app.

9. Be Active on Other Instagram Accounts

It takes more than simply posting on Instagram to gain a strong presence. Interacting on others’ Instagram stories or posts in one way or even leaving likes and comments. This shows that you are sincerely interested and are trying to gain new followers in all the right ways, while also being genuine.

10. Respond to Comments on Your Business Profile

Respond to Comments on Your Business Profile

When you post photos, it is likely that the audience would leave a comment, therefore, it is important for you to respond to comments as it helps when you measure your performance. By doing this as a part of your Instagram marketing helps your audience to know that you’re genuine and show care.

11. Engage Actively

Engage Actively

It is important for any size of business to actively engage with other Instagram accounts and your followers in any way possible. Start by following interesting accounts, liking, commenting, sharing the posts, tag a friend, etc!

Why? The simple reason behind this is, the more they see you in their notifications, the more they’d think of you, that is, the more the growth of the business.

12. Engage Using Questions

It would be awkward for anyone to receive a strange message out of nowhere, perhaps, the best way to engage is by intriguing them with relevant questions. This could mean posting content on Instagram that encourages the followers to engage. For instance, while posting, ask your follower to tag a person if they think they need to see this message!

13. Last But Not The Least, Use Paid Ads!

Last But Not The Least, Use Paid Ads

Despite following all the Instagram marketing tips, it could get a little difficult for small businesses to reach certain audiences, this is where paid ads come in.

Instagram ads allow you to target your target audiences and increases your exposure to the people who would be more likely to be interested in what you have to offer. This can help you generate excellent conversion rates, making paid ads a good investment strategy.

To Conclude: How To Promote Your Business On Instagram – Setting Up an Instagram business Account!

Here are the steps to help you create your business Instagram account or switch to one:

  • Step 1: Download the Instagram app on your iOS or Android (can be used on desktops too)
  • Step 2: Open your app, and sign up by clicking on “Create New Account” or “Sign Up using Email or Phone Number”
  • Now, enter your credentials and create a username and password
  • Step 3: To help switch your account into a business account, go to your profile > click on the hamburger icon at the top right > settings > account > switch to professional account
  • Lastly, tap on “Business” and follow the prompts

How To Use Instagram For Business FAQs

1. What is the best way for small businesses to use Instagram?

Here are the top 13 best ways to help you promote your small business on Instagram:
  • Use an Instagram Business Account
  • Take Full Advantage of the Bio Section
  • Plan and Promote User Generated Content
  • Using Strategic Hashtags
  • Line Breaks in Long Instagram Captions
  • Instagram Stories at its Best Use
  • Videos, Videos, Videos!
  • Avoid Missing Out On Direct Messages
  • Be Active on Other Instagram Accounts
  • Respond to Comments on Your Business Profile
  • Engage Actively
  • Engage Using Questions
  • Last But Not The Least, Use Paid Ads!
  • For more information on these, check out the blog post above!

    2. How do I get my small business noticed on Instagram?

    Here are 8 ways to help your small business get noticed on Instagram:
  • Set the business account for pure success
  • Only share high-quality content
  • Use tags and branded hashtags
  • Engage
  • Share rectified and the right information
  • Not brag but be communicative
  • Follow influencers
  • Be transparent
  • 3. Is a business Instagram account free?

    Fortunately, yes! Business profiles are free and can be used by anyone who wishes to be recognized as a business on Instagram. Plus, you can choose how you want your customers to get in touch with you, be it via a call, text, or email using the call to action button on the business profile.

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