Email panels & Templates

Email panels & Templates


Key offerings as a part of Email Campaign Management include but are not limited to,

  • Strategizing
  • Audience identification
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Email list upload
  • Content and visualization of the email template
  • Campaign delivery to the targeted audience
  • Weekly campaign statistics and analytics

Email Campaign Management

Outsource the perils of email marketing campaigns to our innovative minds! Our team works in harmony with your goals to achieve the optimal out of your email marketing programs. No, it's not all just big talk. We frequently demonstrate insightful analysis, reports, and recommendations to make the best out of your email marketing campaigns. Our team derives their expertise from their established experience of working for firms like MailChimp, Oracle Responsys, IBM Silverpop, Active Campaign, Aweber, Constant Contact, iContact, Benchmark Email, Madmimi amongst many. Regardless of your choice of tool, we are ready to take the challenge!

Custom Email Template

All five fingers are not the same but that ain't no bad news! We work towards ensuring that each email that goes out to your targeted audience is not just a good-looking template but also carries the relevant message. We offer custom emails and HTML creation which is also in harmony with your overall brand image.

In-house Bulk Email Server Setup

It is no secret that a third-party ESP subscription to send out emails is not a very affordable fare and neither a very smart investment to make. Having said that, it is also no secret that digital marketing is incomplete without old-school emails, so, we at REIN Digital to your rescue! We help you set up your own bulk email marketing system to send out as many emails as you deem fit in the most cost-effective manner possible. Besides, you being the owner of the server, the risk of data theft is also mitigated. Moreover, there is no data theft concern, as the server is owned by you!

Email Marketing Audit

REIN Digital does not only provide you the map and tools of launching an email marketing campaign but also helps you make the most out of your existing campaigns. Through the multiple research studies conducted by our professionals, we have been able to factor out multiple factors that are critical to the success of email marketing. Email auditing at REIN works to maximize your digital marketing Return On Investment by not only working on what works the best for your business but also, figuring out what does not. When you, as a business owner, are aware of your SWATs, you would be able to take calculative and definitive decisions to establish the value of your email marketing programs.

Email Deliverability Consultancy

It is not uncommon for companies to be roadblocked due to email deliverability issues on Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail but REIN Digital has a solution to that too. By ramping up the processes of your email marketing system and calculated improvement focused on Sender and IP reputation, we help you attain 100% inbox delivery!

Database Cleaning

Invalid email IDs are like a contagious disease that you are bound to contract, regardless of how many efforts you put against it. Digital Campaigns reaching out to such email accounts can cause a negative blow to your sender’s reputation, causing poor deliverability. REIN Digital's proprietary list cleaning technology can help you get rid of the leeching invalid email Ids from your database. Yep, we've got your back!

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