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Often argued to be one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies out there, content Marketing is your cheat code to double website conversion rates while driving brand awareness and website traffic simultaneously! With content that is optimized to the popular search engine standards and edited to the T’s, make your content marketing service fool-proof and stress-free!

Website Content Writing

Our SEO-oriented content is curated to ensure that your pages are crisp, to the point, and connect to your target audience utilizing the talents of our top-notch content writers

White Paper & Ebooks Writing

Our SEO-oriented content is curated to ensure that your pages are crisp, to the point, and connect to your target audience utilizing the talents of our top-notch content writers

Press Release Writing

What goes out on the internet or to the press is never completely deleted or forgotten - and we make sure that you don't get to that point. Our team of storytellers weaves content that grabs all the eyeballs!

Case Study Writing

Leads convert when they see a proof of concept. Take our help and let us write your case studies to accelerate your conversion rates.

Blog Writing

Our established blog writing services attract viable visitors to your website eventually helping you increase the overall search engine traffic.

SEO Copywriting

It is important to attract search engines with unparalleled SEO techniques but we go a step beyond. REIN Digital helps create content that not only attracts search engines but also retains the actual human user with premium SEO copywriting services!

Video Scripting

Visuals always have more tendency to attract viewers than words ever can and we understand that. However, what we understand better are the words that go in a video's script. Create videos that can move your viewers with our unparalleled video script writing services.

Email Copywriting

Email marketing is one of the most result-effective as well as cost-effective marketing strategies. We tap the untapped potential of email marketing by using techniques that convert emails into a lead and revenue-generating resource

Why Choose REIN Digital For Your Content Requirements?

We do not just create content with our limited knowledge of things. Every project undertaken is thoroughly researched to identify the lagging gaps and then curated strategized content for.

Random, non-targeted content is as good as no content. Our authors ensure you reach your target market by producing concise, strategized, SEO-oriented content that hits the identified potential buyers.

Our content is delivered to your website with capturing templates, infographics, and formats that strike the eye as well as the mind!

Each word that goes live on your platform is primped and trimmed until each word makes sense. We deliver content that yields value.

We do not leave you just there! Our team ensures that the published content gains the desired value, traffic, and leads by monitoring the performance metrics and implementing regular updates.


FAQ's on Content Marketing

1. Why should I opt for Content Marketing?

Words are essentially where communication begins. For you to even initiate verbal or written communication, you think of the probable words you can put together to make your communication effective. For a customer to even look up your business, they'd enter words in the search bar. Without content, there can be no web pages, no infographics, no demonstration videos, no reviews - basically nothing that influences a purchase. In today's day when searches are heavily influenced by paid ads, the rightly written and targeted content allows you to connect with your customer base on a personal level. Even SEO can fail miserably if it is not effectively integrated with a well-laid-out content marketing strategy.

2. How do I generate leads From content marketing?

With content aimed at solving the problems faced by your user base, content can be the key to drive the desired leads that convert to actual buyers. Content attracts engagement by keeping your current customers glued to you while you work towards making something substantial out of your brand. Content can also generate leads as it can improve brand awareness with the right set of keywords that catalyze repeat purchases.

3. How is content marketing different to SEO?

SEO and content marketing are often used interchangeably and it is absolutely wrong to do so. Content marketing is the master strategy that helps form a target audience across platforms like social media, mailboxes, and search engines. These are the channels where content is published to be available for the interested buyers. SEO, however, is about making the said content visible on top of all searches. SEO focuses on optimization of content for increased viewership while content marketing focuses on finding the right viewership to feed the content with.

4. Is Content Marketing expensive?

Costs involved in content marketing are a hard nut to crack as the marketing costs depend solely on the type of content. Hence, the answer to this question depends on a business's requirements with regards to the industry it operates in the kind of content it requires to flourish. Having said that, content marketing is one of the most cost-effective strategies out there, keeping in mind the high return on investment. The investment can be increased or decreased depending on how quickly you wish to enjoy the results.

5. Why do I need a content marketing strategy?

Content cannot be played with a ‘one size fits all approach.' You may be able to write beautifully but the words are empty until it converts to actual buyers. With an SEO-oriented content strategy, you will be in a position to measure your efforts and investment on the basis of the real-time results obtained from it. With a content strategy in place, you determine the platform for your target audience and then focus your content right where it makes sense. For example, a beautifully written campaign about a car's new model launch will make no sense if it appears on the web searches of a buyer who is looking to buy a makeup kit.

6. How to measure the results of Content Marketing?

Various metrics can be considered when measuring the results of content marketing like total traffic derived, web page views, video views, email subscription, blog subscription, retention rate, forwarding fluency, number of shares per post, bounce rate, number of sign-ups, and actual closures. However, the metric for each goal needs to be picked as per the expectations off of that goal. For example, one would measure through the number of signups or conversion rate for lead generation whereas use the number of views on a video while measuring brand awareness.

7. How frequently should content be published on my website?

The amount of content or the frequency of it depends on the type of audience that a business caters to. While some businesses like that of a travel agency will require a lot of content at regular intervals in high volumes for attracting potential travelers, another seasonal business like that of edible easter eggs can also make do with limited content released only when relevant.

8. What type of content attracts maximum viewership?

A lot like the costs involved in content marketing, the type of content can not be defined in black and white. The type of content depends majorly on the type of your business - B2C or B2B. While B2B customers are all in for in-depth research before investment, a lot of content is designed involving whitepapers, case studies, and PR. However, contrastingly, B2C customers usually portray impulsive behavior and an inclination towards reading blogs/articles and frequent scrolling on Social Media platforms.

An Insight On Our Onpoint Content Marketing Strategy

Analysis on and Identification of Business keywords
Well defined marketing strategy based on your needs
Editorial calendar preparation
Research & Implementation
Quality, competent content creation
Proofread and edited to perfection
Content Optimization
Strategic Promotion post publishing
Elaborat Measurement on Performance

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