Top 10 Twitter Marketing Strategies


Top 10 Twitter Marketing Strategies

Top 10 Twitter Marketing Strategies

Being one of the most popular social media platforms, Twitter can be effectively used to promote your brand, market yourself, or reach out to your potential clients but to do so, you must familiarize yourself with a few Twitter marketing strategies. Since it is highly plausible that your tweet might get lost amongst several million tweets that flood Twitter daily, it is necessary to develop strategies that ensure you catch the eye of your intended audience.

A Twitter marketing strategy is largely concerned with creating and distributing content that attracts new followers and increases traffic to your website or page. It is possible for anyone to create a Twitter account, gain followers, and promote their business, especially since the platform is free. Given below are some of the best Twitter marketing tips that can be used to enhance your business.

1. Build A Good Profile

Build A Good Profile

It is very important to customize and build a good profile to represent your brand and attract your audience. Make sure to work on each element of your Twitter profile including the handle, profile picture, header image, bio, and URL.

A Twitter handle must include the name of your brand and must be the same across all your social media handles since it allows potential clients to find you easily. The profile picture should ideally be an image that represents your business. It could be the logo of your brand. the company’s initials, or a photo of the person who represents your brand, such as the CEO.

The header image on your Twitter profile should be updated now and then. You can either use the logo of your company or any picture that reflects your brand or any of your current projects. Your Twitter bio needs to be crisp and catchy to hold the attention of new followers and stimulate their interest in your business. Don’t be afraid to add a punchline or brag a little, especially if your brand is well established or known. Also, make sure you include your website URL in your Twitter profile to direct traffic to your website.

2. Create Lists on Twitter

Twitter Lists are a collection of feeds that you have selected and organized into specific categories. Creating lists helps you to focus on particular topics and discussions that are relevant to your brand, especially since tweets in your list are displayed chronologically, making it easier for you to follow evolving issues and current trends.

You can create lists of your competitors, business icons in your field, as well as your team members. Twitter lists are public and can be seen or subscribed to by anyone who visits your profile. Although curating lists might take some time, it is a great marketing strategy and one that allows you to hold the attention of your audience.

3. Use Relevant Hashtags

Use Relevant Hashtags

While posting on Twitter, use hashtags that are relatable, relevant, and memorable but do not overdo it. Adding lots of hashtags along with every tweet of yours is not advisable. Hashtags are an invaluable tool that can increase your discoverability on any social media platform but if used out of context, they can seem forced and unnecessary.

Hashtags can also be used to organize content and promote campaigns. Use hashtags that are in sync with your tweets as well as your brand. The right hashtags can help you extend your reach, grow followers, and be discovered by others.

4. Host Twitter Chats

Host Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are a great way to engage your target audience and create a sense of community. When it comes to hosting a Twitter chat, you will need to set a time and date beforehand and share it with your followers. You will also need to create a unique hashtag that will help anyone on Twitter follow or participate in the chat.

Using Twitter chats to promote your business is a great Twitter digital marketing strategy. This feature can also be used to actively interact with your followers, ask their opinions, and answer any doubts or queries regarding your business.

5. Conduct Polls on Twitter

Conducting polls is a great Twitter marketing strategy since it engages your audience and gives you an insight into their views and opinions. Along with giving you a peek into the minds of your followers, polls can also be used to collect data about the likes and dislikes of your target audience.

Conducting polls is a great way to pitch new ideas because you can get an immediate response from your followers and proceed accordingly. While creating questions, make sure they are fun, interesting, and sure to capture the attention of your audience.

6. Make Use of Twitter Ads

Make Use of Twitter Ads

Twitter is a platform where you can advertise and promote your brand, especially if you are only starting out and need to boost engagement and visibility within a short period. Advertising on Twitter will also increase your audience and drive traffic to your website. Promoted tweets, for which you will need to pay a monthly fee, are best suited for this purpose.

Twitter ads, along with helping you gain visibility on the platform, also increases brand influence. This is good for your business and will most probably help you gather large droves of your target audience. When it comes to Twitter ads, you can choose between different objectives such as followers, video views, or website conversions, and this will be a decisive factor in the amount you need to pay for the ad.

7. Tweet Regularly and During Peak Hours

As your business gradually grows, it is essential to schedule your tweets and post regularly to make sure that your followers stay engaged with your content and your brand. Make sure that your tweets are original, relevant, and interesting enough to attract the intended audience.

It is not only enough to upload content regularly but also to tweet at the right moments. There are specific times of day during which users are more active on the social media platform. You must tweet during these peak hours to get maximum engagement from your audience.

Once you have managed to figure out when and how often you are going to tweet, take the help of a social media management tool like Buffer, Twitter Analytics, or Sprout Social and schedule your posts well in advance.

8. Include Images and Videos

Include Images and Videos

Using relevant images and videos is a Twitter marketing strategy that always yields good results. Try to include high-quality images and videos in your tweets since tweets with a visual component greatly outperform tweets that only include text.

Pictures help you grab the attention of Twitter users even when they are simply scrolling through. It has been proven that tweets including videos outperform those including images as well, thus proving that visuals play a vital role in catching the eye of your audience. You can also use images and videos to feature your products and promote your business.

9. Learn From Your Competitors

Twitter is a great platform to engage with, learn from, and observe the activities of your main competitors in the industry. You can either follow them or search their profile to update yourself about their current events and projects.

In case you are someone new to the field, going through the Twitter profiles of your potential competitors can help you understand their marketing strategies as well as their engagement with others. By observing their activities and posts, you can learn about not only the best way to engage your audience but also the strategies that don’t yield the expected results.

10. Keep Track of Your Progress

Keep Track of Your Progress

Make sure you keep track of your progress on Twitter. This will not only give you an insight into the strategies that worked and those that did not but also encourage you to figure out ways to attract more followers and promote your brand.

Keep track of the number of followers, retweets, replies, and other ways in which your audience has engaged with your brand. Look at the hashtags that are the most popular and the tweets with the maximum engagement.

Twitter is a social media platform that can be effectively used for marketing purposes. It has the potential to improve the visibility of your brand, direct traffic to your website, attract followers, and promote your business. Listed above are some Twitter marketing tips that can help you endorse your brand and increase your sales. It is important to note that along with these strategies, you also require creativity, patience, and commitment to grow a community and establish your brand.

FAQs: Best Twitter Marketing Strategies

1. How do I promote my business on Twitter?

First of all, you need to make a strong profile that represents your business and build a Twitter community. Engage with your followers constantly by posting relevant content and conducting polls. Make sure you use relevant hashtags to increase visibility and boost engagement. Also, remember to tweet regularly and keep track of your progress.

2. Is Twitter good for small businesses?

Since Twitter is a social media platform with millions of users, it can be used to promote businesses of all scales. Even in the case of a small-scale business, Twitter can be used to promote the products, gather followers, and communicate with potential customers.

3. How do Twitter chats work?

Twitter chats, also known as Tweet chats, are conversations that revolve around a particular topic on Twitter. The date and time of a Twitter chat are predetermined by the host, who also creates a unique hashtag so that anyone using it can participate in the discussion. Twitter chats help foster a sense of community and are a great way of learning more about the current trends regarding a certain topic of interest.

4. How do I get my tweets noticed?

First of all, make sure you post consistently. Use relevant hashtags whenever you tweet and engage with your followers. Try to find and participate in Twitter chats related to your area of interest. If you are a beginner, remember that building a community will take time since it requires persistent efforts, creativity, and commitment.

5. Are Twitter polls useful?

Twitter polls help you generate engagement and create interest amongst your audience. Conducting a poll on Twitter allows you to understand your followers better as well as their expectations regarding your business and the kind of content they might be inclined towards.

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